Openings at Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies, Inc.


Ascent Bio-Nano Technologies, Inc., ( is a spin-off from The Pennsylvania State University and Duke University. Its mission is to make an impact to the society by commercializing innovative acoustofluidic (i.e., the fusion of acoustics and microfluidics) technologies. Specifically, it develops and commercializes accurate, fast, and biocompatible acoustic-based cell/particle separation devices. It has a strong IP portfolio on acoustofluidic technologies (exclusive license for 4 issued US patents and >10 issued/pending patents in China, Japan, Europe, and North America). The company motto is Innovation for Impact. To learn more about the technology platform, please visit our Duke collaborator’s website:

Currently, we have multiple openings for engineering consultants to full time (this could become a full-time position if it works out well). We invite engineers with passion to make an impact to the world to join us.  The consultant should be a great team player who is comfortable working with a start-up team. The consultant will work with a team of R&D engineers and researchers in the development and commercialization of cutting-edge acoustofluidic devices. Extensive R&D experience of hardware product development and manufacturing for applications like research tools, ultrasonic products, and medical devices is highly desired.


Their duties will include some of the following: 

  • improve performance, yield, reliability, and manufacturability of acoustofluidic devices,
  • interact with Duke researchers (, design companies, and manufacturing companies to achieve ready-to-manufacture devices and prototypes,
  • implement top-notch engineering practices,
  • provide guidance on R&D development,
  • design electronic, acoustic, fluidic, and mechanical components for functioning prototypes, and/or
  • facilitate the development of ready-for-manufacturing prototype.

Minimum requirements:

  • Local candidates with residence near Research Triangle Park, NC;
  • BS or MS or Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, acoustics, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, or other majors in science and engineering; and
  • Five or more years of industrial product development or R&D experience.

Candidates with some of the following experience will be preferred:

  • Extensive R&D or product development experience on research tools, microfluidic devices, ultrasonic products, analytical chemistry, sensing, or medical devices;
  • Experience on developing ready-to-manufacturing prototypes;
  • Knowledge of large-scale manufacturing processes including injection molding, lithography, soft lithography, 3D printing, automated assembly, and in-process testing;
  • Experience on interacting with vendors and suppliers;
  • Meeting and negotiating with potential customers; and
  • Understanding the market needs in biological research and clinical applications.

A desired candidate will have some or most of the following experience:

  • Develop customized tools and process to increase the success rate and stability of prototypes
  • Develop SOP, BR, calibration process, process validation, inventory management for manufacturing prototypes and products
  • Manufacture prototype devices using 3D printing, CNC machining, soft cavity molding, water jet cutting, laser cutting, EDM, etc.
  • Knowledge of large scale manufacturing including injection molding, chemical etching, automated assembly and in-process testing
  • Qualifying and dealing with vendors and suppliers

Acoustics or Micofluidics

  • Fabricate acoustic devices or microfluidic device
  • Fluidic control, including microfluidics, pumps and flow and pressure regulation
  • Acoustic devices such as surface acoustic wave generators, ultrasound transducers or other resonators
  • Engineering materials, especially those related to high-frequency acoustic devices

Prototype Development:

  • Design and build ready-for-evaluatiing and manufacturing electronic and electromechanical prototype systems by selecting and assembling suitable components
  • Design analog/digital electronic circuits in the RF frequency range including power RF
  • Digital control systems, microcontrollers, digital signal processors and sensors


We also have several positions for junior-level interns. Anybody with a science/engineering background is eligible. These positions can also be converted into full-time positions if there is mutual interest.


If you are interested, please send your resume to



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